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 360 GunZ Rules List

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PostSubject: 360 GunZ Rules List   Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:57 pm

Zone 1.0

In-Game Rules

* Hacking [INSTANT-BAN]
* Spamming [If you use a dll you might get one chance but if you advertise spam/abuse spam your be instant band
* Advertising [INSTANT BAN]
* Disrespect to Staff [Disconnected From server then warring then band
* Staff Impersonation
* Racial Abuse [2 warnings then ban]
* Offensive Language
* Glitching=Not ban able BY Rhys[FR] But dont abuse
* Bug Abusing
* No Swapping [1st offence reset level No CHANCE 2nd offence ban]


Admins may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

* Parent Abuse
* Exsessive Spamming
* Hacking
* Extreme ego
* Swapping [Depending on how many kills you got]


Forum Rules

* Hacking
* Fraud
* Nothing Drug related
* Porn
* Political/Religious discussions even if educational.
*Spamming the same thing in more then onetopic/forum you will be band for a week
*if you abuse somone alot you will be band for a month
* if you pm staff and abuse then you will be band for 2 months
*Advertising on forum you will be permantly band and email band
*Spamming A hell of alot will get you ip band email band and account band

Topic titles must be descriptive.

* A good example is "i cant launch the game.".

* A bad example is "OMG I CANNNT LAUUUCNH THE GAME".

Zone 5.0

No topic hijacking (going off subject) Example

if you are on the clan forum/topic

the right way to say is [subject: i want a clan
messege: can i join xtream clan]

the wrong way would be subject:when is the event on message:can i join your clan

Zone 6.0

Private Messaging
All rules apply in regard to private messaging/emails.
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360 GunZ Rules List
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