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 360 GunZ Launcher Avg 8.0/8.5 TUT/HELP

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PostSubject: 360 GunZ Launcher Avg 8.0/8.5 TUT/HELP   Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:59 am

right to stop launcher being detected as Virus Go to Start All programs And look For Avg 8.5 or 8.0Then Avg user interface all You can find it on your desktop I have drawn a blue ring around it on the desk top and a red ring on programs and green ring = where to go XD

do not exit avg because that does not disable it you must disable resident shield Manually which i will show you how to do

Once Opend go to Resident shield

Then Take The Tick Out OF resident shield active [Which is in the red squiggly box i drew on it

Then Click Save Changes [That is also highlighted in a red line]
Then Run The Launcher and play if that does not fix it re-install or download 360 gunz again
if you still have problems Please Uninstall AVG .

More TuT Soon on how to make launcher run with other anti-virus software Which will be on how to do it with norton and Avast
If you get the problem With launcher getting detected as a virus on other anti virus which is not avg avast or norton please ask for help on this forum
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360 GunZ Launcher Avg 8.0/8.5 TUT/HELP
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