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 Heavenlyh0pe Gm/Admin Application

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PostSubject: Heavenlyh0pe Gm/Admin Application   Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:20 am

Name: Darryl
In-game name: Heavenlyh0pe
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Country: The Netherlands
Timezone: GMT + 1
Biography : When i was 6 my parents divorced. my father lives in Rotterdam and my mother in lelystad (I live in lelystad and sometimes I go to my dad). A few years ago i did fighting class. My father once got hit in a car accident.at the age of 10 i played gunz. I often helped people, I think more than I played. I'm at highschool and it doesn't take much of my time.

What is your current experience: I've never been a Gm before, but I like to help people and did that for a long time.
How long have you been doing it: For almost 1 year.

Show us some examples: I don't have any, Sorry.

Why should we hire you?: because I'm friendly and I like to help people and ban people that hack or spam. I'm very active to gunz and loyal. I will ban spammers,hackers etc.
Good things about yourself: I like to help people and ban people and I'm active. I can talk Dutch, English, German, and a little france but not good.
Bad things about yourself: If someone curses me I sometimes become angry.
And what i hate more is people who scam, lie or fake friends.

Kind Regard,
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Heavenlyh0pe Gm/Admin Application
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