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PostSubject: CW WAR TOURNMENT   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:07 am

360 GunZ Will have CW war Tournments soon which mean
you to go your clan channel
A admin clan and your clan Will make A room Password it in your clan channel of the admins clan channel Admins will not use staff weapons how ever They can use there gm tops and a Gm Blade Breaker Which is a shot gun with 32 to dmg so it will be possible to win the default Match will be Tdm and you and your clan will have to defaet the 2-3 admins [only 2 admins And 1 dev is allowed in at a time to make it easyier] But if theres 10 players more can Join but it will allways be more on your team to be fair so enjoy this Cw Tournment was delayed Because i have had work to do it shuold start up in a few months maybe weeks so make your clans and remmber clans with ^ can go to there channel bounce scratch Enjoy.
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