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 3G the name

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PostSubject: 3G the name   Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:22 pm

3G Stands For 360 GunZ 360 GunZ is not any gunz its Love360 made By Rhys[FR] which has a Huge Crazy Shop with lots of styles of clothes It has Nice Admins Not to Many so its not event all the time because if somone dont want a event and every one else is in one they will leave and people will think everyone else is admin so let be one or But o it will be 5 admins and no more any way
Have You Ever Dreamt of such a Dream Were You can Swap shot gunz dont no what that is join 360 gunz and Find out
360 Gunz Event Are totally kool We have Even Added Are donator ring to the events so when You win you get a donor Ring For Free!!!! you can quest all day to level up All do A Assassination With Your Friends it is so easy To Connect Just go To www.360-gunz.tk for download and game register.
3G Stands For 360 GunZ As You Know and Also Stands For 360-icy Reloaded GunZ And 3000GunZ
As Are Love360 Is A gunz based on Year 3000 it is shortend to 3GunZ or 360 GunZ

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3G the name
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