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 Donation Suggestion

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PostSubject: Donation Suggestion   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:53 pm


May I suggest that the donor items, prices, etc be fixed?

Donation items are achieved by contributing real money. People have a big problem with this because they think that "why should I use real money for a free game?"

Which is a similar thought throughout tons of people. I checked out the donation page, I really think that the donation stats should be raised a bit more, since people are using their money to help out the server. It will make people want to donate if the stats are really nice.

Also, the donation items are level limited. All donation items should be lvl 0. That is the glory about donation items in game, you don't need to be a certain lvl to use them. If they are level restricted, then they act just like ijji premium items. No body really wants to wait to level to use items that they had gained with real money.

And also, if you can also put the donation amount's for each items in USD. That might also hlep players from the US if they would want to donate as well.

That is all I got on my mind right now, thanks for takign your time in reading this.
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Donation Suggestion
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