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 pilipino93 GM Application

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PostSubject: pilipino93 GM Application   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:51 pm

Since I am unable to find the application formats, I would like to use my own format. It's not acutally mine, but it does have the proper application format basics and required information:

Full Name:
Reece Hunter Mathew Dizon

15. I turn 16 on June 12


Time Zone:
PST [Pacific Standard Time]

San Francisco, California

Account Name:

Character Name:

Applying for:

Previous Expirence:
I was a GM at Freestylers Crew GunZ. I followed my orders as was instructed. I know how to handle the GMCP pretty well. I was GameMaster there for about 3-4 months. I was an active member there. I was staff there for about 7-8 months. I was also a GameMaster at my friends Flyff Server.

If so Proof:
There old forums were banned but now it's back up. There is plent of proof there you can reference from at: http://FreestylersCrew.com/forum.htm I may also have screenshots of me in game if you want.

Here's a list of the staff there and you can see I'm in it:
I don't have any proof that i was GameMaster at my friends Flyff server. In that link of the staff, the owner [my friend]: Soul†Reaper. He's the owner, You can contact him for proof as well.

Why are you applying for this job:
I am applying for this job because I believe I can help out a lot. I don't tolerate rule breakers such as hackers and swappers. And I have no tolerance for those who do not show respect to their staff. I know GunZ pretty well. I've been playing it for a f ew years. And I know almost everything about it. I can help out the server both in game and on the forums. I'm very active as well, which I believe can make me a good candidate for the GameMaster position. I have great potential for helping people out and being a great role model for players in game. I believe that gameplay for players should be fair and stable. So that no one, like hackers or cheaters can come into the server and foul the server with their unacceptable methods of game play.

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:
Maps, weapons, clothign.; no I cannot create items like these. At the previous server I worked at, I was a Developer for about 3 months. Then I was promoted to GM for my dedication and loyalty to the server. I could do small coding in Dos and C#

If so Proof:
As I am well aware of, C# is more complex and advanced then Dos in every way whatsoever. Therefore I will provide you with an example from my C# experience.

After I left FGunZ I moved onto to BloodyGunZ in the past couple of days. I created this small application for them. It was an all in one beginners application. You can download it here at their forum and test out the functions for yourself: http://bloodygunz.omgforum.net/gfx-section-f17/bloody-gunz-ilauncher-v138-t82.htm

Later after I'm done with homework or school I can make a similar application for this community. My friend's friend hacked BloodyGunZ forum and wesite etc, so the application might have error or something not sure

Joined Gunz:
I joined gunz almost 4 years ago at Ijji GunZ.

Joined Private Servers:
I started playing private servers one and a half years after Ijji. I've joined many Pservers in the past: LG GunZ, other LG Gunz, GunZP, Trinity, GameNao, Fgunz, dark gunz, euro. I've been at many servers, and I have a great feel for them.

What can you do for the server:
As I have stated previously, I can manage in-game activity as well as forum activity. I am well aware of, of how a GameMaster should act in game, and the actions that should be taken upon everything. As I am active in game and forums, there will always be an influence in game for the players and I will also try my best to keep the forum organized and free from senseless topis and posts such as: spams, ego, flame, disrespect, and other futile information. A server requires stability and equilibrium, that which I can bring forth. GM's are the rolemodels and guidance for the players in game. Their actions refelct upon the server and it is their duty to manage in game activity with respect and care.

Why should you be hired:
I should be hired because I am hardworking, trustworthy, and I am friendly. I like playing GunZ, it's a fun and competitive game. I've played GunZ for about 4 years. I am active on both in game and on the forums. I do my best to carry out orders. I just want to say that I'm a nice guy and I would make a great addition to the staff. I'm a trustworthy and respectful friend.

Language Spoken:
I speak English fluently. And I can also speak some Spanish. Estoy en mi cuarto año de la clase de Español. Sí, puedo hablar buen Español. El Próximo año, voy tomar Español cinco y seis. Si hay unas personas quien hablar este, voy a ayudarles.

If there's anything else you would like to know about me or ask of me, please feel free to do so. I would also like to point out that my main emial address is: pilipino93@yahoo.com. I use MSN for only speaking purposes. And my AIM Sn is wthitsyou. You might be thinking I am a bad canidate because I don't even have an account yet, but I am honestly experienced with being a GameMaster.
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pilipino93 GM Application
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